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A specialist for every sector. For every sector the right words.



Online collections
Press releases
Customer communications
Product information


The language of fashion is vivid, emotional and colourful. To capture these nuances in translation calls for in-depth knowledge of all the stuff of which style is made.
Whether prêt-à-porter or haute couture – we give your fashion translations a certain je-ne-sais-quoi.


Product placement
Advertising strategies
Dialogue marketing


Marketing has to be creative, convincing and memorable. To make sure that an advertising concept has the intended impact, we do more than “simply” translate – we adapt it to the respective culture. In a dialogue with our customers, we produce texts of unmistakable wit and ingenuity.


Home decoration


Lifestyle products are the expression of zeitgeist, conveying values and raising quality of life. However serious the content, the language is dynamic, witty and vivacious. This is why translating in this field is a little bit like juggling – not as easy as it appears at first glance.


Children’s fashion
Baby products


The world of children is one of fantasy. That’s why we look at things from their perspective and tell stories. But we stay objective at all times, because not everything to do with babies is automatically cute – for example, with children’s car seats it’s safety first.


Programme texts
Festival brochures


Whether we’re translating major opuses, chamber music, official addresses or press kits, our translations always hit the right note: they convey academic knowledge about works and artists, entertain and let the emotions come through.


Internet sites
Travel guides
Museum guides
Exhibition texts


Anticipation is the greater part of pleasure! With a combination of lively language and concrete fact, our translations arouse curiosity, give imagination wings and open up new horizons.

Legal texts

Articles of Association
Business reports
Official documents
General business terms and conditions
Sworn translations


Obliged to give the benefit of the doubt? No such ambiguity in our translations; our precise knowledge of legal systems and legal terms, and careful drafting right down to the last comma leave no scope for misunderstanding. And of course we guarantee the strictest confidentiality – as we do with all our translations, in fact.

We can provide an official seal for our legal translations, being certified for our working languages by Leipzig District Court or Dresden Court of Appeal.

Specialised texts

Technical texts
Non-fiction books
Calls to tender
Instructions for use
Product descriptions


Specialised texts are not necessarily synonymous with specialist gobbledygook. Our translations are written in clear, unconvoluted, comprehensible language. Because even where complex issues are concerned, we always write with the reader in mind.
And by using modern translation tools and customer-specific glossaries, we guarantee consistency and accuracy, text after text.

Other services

Text optimisation


If you have a text that isn’t quite “right”, we’ll gladly take a closer look at it, because as translators, dealing with texts written by others is part of our routine work. We will hone it in our workshop until it is fit for the purpose for which it is intended, with consistent terminology and a logical structure.

If your sector of activity or language is not listed, that doesn’t mean we’re not the right people for you. We work with an extensive network of qualified translators and translation agencies in Germany and elsewhere. Just contact us.

Four eyes see more than two. Before we deliver a translation, we have it proofread by a colleague to ensure that it meets the highest standards.