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Fascination with language. Expressed in our translations.


Our working languages are:




Every member of our team is a highly qualified translator and/or interpreter. Thanks to many years of professional experience and daily practice, we have vast knowledge of our working languages at our fingertips. We regularly attend continuing education courses, are in contact with numerous other translators and make use of our membership of the German association of translators and interpreters, the BDÜ, to keep abreast of developments in our sector of activity.


And to make sure that the text is exactly right down to the slightest nuance, we translate solely into our native languages.
True to this principle, we work with a network of proven, qualified translators who live in their home countries – in other words at the living heart of their respective languages.


If your language is not listed, that doesn’t mean that we are not the right people for you. We work with an extensive network of qualified translators and translation agencies in Germany and elsewhere. Just contact us.


Although we work in a historical building, we use the very latest technology. Working with modern translation tools and customer-specific terminology is a part of our workaday routine, as is handling content management systems and DTP programmes.